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  • Every Queenstowian, a physically educated and well-balanced learner;
  • Leading a healthy and active lifestyle, in body and mind.


  • To develop pupils to appreciate and participate regularly in recreational and physical activities so as to live a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • Resilience, Excellence, Respect

Learning Goals & Outcomes

1.            PE & CCA Unit

1.1          Pupils acquire skills and knowledge necessary to perform a variety of physical activities with understanding.

1.2          Pupils understand the benefits of physical education and implications from involvement in physical activities.

1.3          Pupils develop and maintain physically healthy and fit through regular participation in physical activities.

1.4          Pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of excellence mindset, fair play, team work and sportsmanship.

1.5          Pupils develop positive attitudes towards safe, active and healthy lifestyle to carry them into adult life.

1.6          Pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of national education, thinking skills and the school core values through participation in physical activities.

1.7          Pupils enjoy and experience positive association with a variety of physical activities with understanding.

1.8          Pupils understand that PE, sports and health education are an important part of a healthy and active lifestyle.

2.            Music Unit

2.1          Pupils develop an appreciation for the aesthetics and arts, through exposure, experience and excursion.

2.2          Pupils develop music literacy, singing and instrumental ensemble playing skills.

2.3          Pupils develop an open mind and receptive ears about music of different styles, period and cultures.

2.4          Pupils develop an understanding of how music is connected to other art forms and the role of music in daily living.

2.5          Pupils acquire some basic skills in sequencing and creating music using IT.

2.6          Pupils develop an understanding and appreciation of excellence mindset, teamwork and showmanship.

3.            QTSS PE & Aesthetics Desired Outcomes

  • Healthy and active lifestyle
  • Rugged and robust character
  • Disciplined, committed and passionate
  • Mindset for excellence
  • Cultured and gracious person

4.            Special Programmes

4.1          Quest Learning Festival – Leadership Development (Sec 1), Adventure Camp (Sec 2), Overseas Mounting Trekking cum Community Service Camp (Sec 3),   Motivational Camp (Sec 4E/5NA), NA/NT Elective Modules (Sec 4NA/NT)

4.2          Rugged and Sports Education Programme – Swimming (Sec 1), Modern Dance (Sec 2), Mountain Expedition (NAPFA/PFT Gold Awardees), Class Bonding Camp

4.3          QuestFit Programme – Health Info Tracking Journal, Nutritional Programme, ‘On the Right Track’ Weight Management Programme, Health & Fitness Club

4.4          National Youth Achievement Award Programme – Sec 2 and Sec 3

4.5          CCA Enrichment Programmes – Horse Riding, Snooker

4.6          IT in Music Programme

4.7          Guitar Enrichment Programme

5.            PE Rules & Code of Conduct

5.1          Any pupil who is unable to attend PE lessons is to produce a medical certificate to the PE teacher.

5.2          Any pupil who is unable to produce a medical certificate on the day of the lesson must bring his/her PE attire for lesson.

5.3          A pupil who is certified unfit for PE may be required to join the class as an observer during PE lessons.

5.4          Pupils are to bring their PE attire for lessons even if there is bad weather.

5.5          Pupils who repeatedly stay away from PE with no valid reasons will be disciplinarily dealt with.

5.6          Pupils are to report for lesson within five minutes in their PE attire.

5.7          Pupils are to wear only approved Queenstown Secondary School T-shirts and shorts for PE lessons. T-shirts are to be neatly tucked in.

5.8          After PE lessons, pupils are only allowed to drink from the water coolers.

5.9          Pupils are not allowed to patronise the canteen stalls before, during or after PE lessons.

5.10        Pupils are to change back into their school uniform by recess time.

5.11        Pupils are to report accidents during PE lessons immediately to their PE teacher.

5.12        Pupils are to treat all PE equipment with care. They will be held responsible for any damaged or lost equipment.

5.14        Pupils are encouraged to adopt a positive learning attitude towards PE by co-operating with the PE teacher and actively participating in all lessons conducted.

Syllabus – Games Component Allocation

Level / Game Athletics Net Game Territorial Game Movements
Sec 1 Sprints & Relay, High Jump, Long Jump, Volleyball [CORE]
Badminton [CORE]
Captain’s ball
Hockey [CORE]
Sec 2 Sprints & Relay, High Jump, Long Jump, Shot Put, Discus & Javelin Pickle Ball Basketball [CORE]
Touch Rugby Ultimate Frisbee
Tee Ball
Sec 3 Shot Put / Discus / Javelin Volleyball [CORE]
Badminton [CORE]
Rugby (4)
Soccer/Netball [CORE]
Basketball [CORE] Floorball
Tee Ball
Sec 4 Shot Put / Discus / Javelin Handball
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball
Basketball [CORE]
Ultimate Frisbee
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball
Sec 5 Shot Put / Discus / Javelin Sepak Takraw,
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball
Term 3 – Basketball [CORE]
Term 3 – Handball
Term 4 – Modified Rugby/- Ultimate Frisbee  OR
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball
Elective Games – Tchoukball, Handball


1. CORE – Pupils are given more exposure in pedagogy skills in the core games.

2. Pushball and Tug-of-War are taught to pupils in preparation for Sports Day.

3. Traditional games are taught as part of post-exam activities

Syllabus – General Music Programme

Level Modules
Sec 1 National Anthem
Western Classical Music
Creative Rhythm making
Popular Music – Country, Hip-hop, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Pop
Sec 2 Ethnic music – Chinese, Indian & Malay
Instrumental Ensemble Playing – Angklung and Boomwhackers
Music Technology – Sound mixing and movie editing
Sec 3 Music Sequencing and Creating using IT
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