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Aesthetics & Technology

Aesthetics & Technology

Vision for A&T Department

Passion = I2R

Passion = Innovative, Independent and Resilient Learners

Mission for A&T Department

To strive for innovation and excellence in Aesthetics & Technology education to prepare our students for future challenges.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To develop positive habits which would help students to become critical, creative and independent learners who take pride in their work
  2. To create a conducive environment that is supportive of the spirit of I&E amongst students and teachers.
  3. A&T for All- to enable pupils to appreciate the relevance and importance of A&T subjects to daily life so that students find A&T stimulating and enjoyable.

Special Programmes

  1. Yearly Post Exam Enrichment Programmes for Sec 3 Art, D&T and F&N students
  2. Ceramic and other Art enrichment programmes for students with passion in Art
  3. Collaborative design progamme with Design Rete for Sec 3 D&T students
  4. Western Dining Workshop for graduating F&N students
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