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English Language and Literature

English Language and Literature

Aims and Objectives

Lower Secondary: Building A Strong Foundation

  • Developing a love for the English Language
  • Forming good habits – present work neatly, write in grammatical and complete sentences, read regularly
  • Developing an inquiring mind
  • Speaking confidently
  • Explicit teaching of grammar
  • Building vocabulary

Upper Secondary: Sharpening the Skills & Getting Ready for Exams

  • Continue to build on the foundational skills
  • Appreciating literary texts
  • Writing a range of expository texts
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Acquiring the necessary exam skills

Developing 21st Century Competencies

  • Critical and Inventive Thinking (CIT): Individually and collaboratively generates novel and useful ideas to address issues; exercises sound reasoning, and metacognition to make good decisions; and manages complexities and ambiguities.
  • Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills (CCI): Communicates information and ideas clearly and collaborates effectively; manages, creates and shares information thoughtfully, ethically and responsibly.

Special Programs

Lower Secondary

  • Oral Communication Workshop
  • Speaking Competition
  • Read@Schools Programme (Collaboration with National Library Board)
  • University of New South Wales (UNSW) – International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS): English

Upper Secondary

  • Debating Club
  • Inter-Class Debates
  • UNSW – ICAS: Writing

Whole School: Reading Programme

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