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Motto: Dare to Solve

Vision: An Independent Learner,  A Precise and Resilient Thinker

The Mathematics department is continuous in its efforts to provide opportunities for students to become creative learners and resilient problem solvers. With the focus of the department on the development of thinking skills and practical Mathematics, we have a programme to promote a culture of continuous improvement and learning among the Mathematics teachers and students.

We look into the different learning styles and abilities of our students and tailor our programmes to suit their needs. Teachers gather weekly to share teaching ideas and resources, and collaborate to explore new teaching strategies. We seek to enhance the interest for the subject in the more able students, and to develop confidence in those who are weak.

To expose our students to non-routine problem-solving, our Secondary 2, 3 and 4 or 5 students have opportunities to take part in competitions at both local and international platforms. We stretch our Mathematically-inclined students by providing them with additional training geared for competitions such as the Singapore Mathematical Olympiads. With the school’s privileged status as one of the first 12 prototype schools to embark on the School Based Banding (SBB) programme, the students in the Normal Streams who display high inclinations in Mathematics are offered trainings in the subject at the next higher stream i.e. Normal (A) Mathematics for Normal (T) learners, and Express Mathematics for Normal (A) learners.

Equal attention is placed on the weaker students. Structured remediation and revision sessions are conducted both during term time and the school vacations.  From 2015, the department is also fully dedicated to a collaborative programme with MOE – the Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) project, to enhance the confidence level and strengthen Mathematical foundations of learners in the Normal Streams through inter-school experience sharings and mentorship by MOE.

For authentic learning, learning experiences are arranged for out-of-school settings such as historical places or significant landmarks of Singapore. For the Mathematics enthusiasts in Secondary 2, a platform is also made available for them to design their own Mathematics activities or games, which will be exhibited and tried out by their Secondary One peers.

To enhance ownership of learning and promote independent learning, all students have access to the e-portal ACE-Learning. This allows students to revisit Mathematics concepts taught with high accessibility and explore new ones on their own.

Special Programmes

  • University of New South Wales Mathematics Competition
  • Singapore Mathematical Olympiad Competition
  • Australian Westpac Mathematics Competition
  • West Zone Mathematics Competition
  • Maths Trail
  • Peer Tutoring / Group Study for Sec 4 Express mathematics.

To reach out to the mass, a challenging quiz was conducted for all Lower Secondary pupils in May. After the Mid-year Examination, pupils who have done well in the quiz and those who were identified by their Mathematics teachers. This group of pupils represented the school for the Mathematics Olympiad for Secondary Schools.

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