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Mother Tongue

Mother Tongue


  • To create an authentic environment for MTL learning, inculcate cultural values and build a sense of ethnic identity.


  • Nurturing confident MTL users who are passionate and proud of their cultural roots.

Core Values


  • Honour our heritage and cultural roots
  • Open our mind to the future challenges
  • Maximise our contribution to the community
  • Excel in our life-long learning

Signature Programmes

  • Queenstown Goes Drama
  • My Heritage Trail: Queenstown, My School, My Second Home
  • Journey Beyond Home : Shandong, Malacca
  • Hi, I Speak Your Language
  • The Stories of The Little Town


Malay Language

  • Mr Shah Abu Bakar Iskandar
  • Ms Nurhayati Ahwan
  • Miss Nur Shiqah Hashim
  • Ms Sharifah Anisah Syed Taha

Tamil Language

  • Mr Ramesh Irudhayaraj
  • Mdm Indra Krishnan
  • Mrs Rajarajan Hemalatha
  • Mdm Vijayarani Govindasamy
  • Ms Yogeswari Ponnambalam

Chinese Language

  • Miss Ang Meng Li 洪萌莉师
  • Ms Chen Sheau Ling Pauline 陈小菱师
  • Mdm Lee Siew Cheng 李秀贞师
  • Ms Lek Hui Ying 陆汇颖师
  • Ms Ng Hui Ling 黄惠铃师
  • Mr Ong Han Guan 王汉源师
  • Miss Qu Caiyan 曲彩燕师
  • Ms Tan Li Ming  程丽敏师
  • Ms Tan Kah Geok 陈家玉师
  • Mdm Xu Su 徐苏师
  • Mdm Zhao Xiumin 赵秀敏师
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