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Parent Support Group

Parent Support Group

PSG Calender for Year 2016

Queenstown Secondary School

Parent Support Group (Calendar of Events 2016)

School Events
09/01/2016 (Sat) T1W1 Sec 1 Orientation Camp – CCA Open House Late morning
FamilyMatters@Schools Parenting Talk: Seasons of Love
21/01/2016 (Thu) T1W3 PSG Exco Meeting 7pm
28/01/2016 (Thu) T1W4 1st PSG Monthly Meeting: Parenting Talk: Discipline and Conflict Management, Welcome of Sec 1 Parents Evening
29/01/2016 (Fri) T1W4 Sec 4 and 5 MTP Session Evening
05/02/2016 (Fri) T1W5 CNY Celebration Late morning
18/2/2016 (Thu) T1W7 Lo Hei
2nd PSG Monthly Meeting: Communication and Love
26/02/2016 (Fri) T1W8,     W9,W10 Badminton Friendly Match Evening
11/3/2016 (Fri) T1W10 Sec 2 and 3 MTP Session Evening
PSG Recruitment at Sec 2 MTP Session
19/03/16 (Sat) Mar Holidays 3rd PSG Monthly Activity: Parenting Talk- Managing Peer Pressure Morning
15/4/2016 (Fri) T2W4 School Annual Cross Country (Parent-Child Bonding) Morning
21/4/2016 (Thu) T2W5 4th PSG Monthly Activity: Parenting Talk (Helping your child succeed in School) Evening
14/5/2016 (Sat) T2W8 5th PSG Monthly Activity: Parenting Talk (Parenting the DISC Way) Morning
14/5/2016 (Sat) T2W8 Parents’ Day: Bowling Event Afternoon
16/5/2016 (Mon) T2W9 Student Leaders’ Investiture Noon
7/21/2016 (Thu) T3W4 Racial Harmony Day Celebrations Morning
PSG organised component
28/7/2016 (Thu)   (Sat) T3W5 PSG Meeting 5 – Cyberwellness Talk Evening



School Family Education (SFE) sponsored-programmes
Parent Support Group (PSG) Activity
School Functions



Areas in which Parents can be involved

Date / Period Event Involvement (How?)
Feb NYAA (Bronze and Silver Awards) PSG Chair/Vice- seated with GOH.
1st meeting for CHERISH committee – Involved in 4 areas of holistic health development: Physical, nutritional, mental and social. (Committee)
Mar SWRC – Welcome & Farewell Dinner (TBC) Participate and meet the teachers.
CIP – CNY Lunch Support in term of donating food items.
NE – Total Defence Learning Journeys Accompany the students and offer their expertise and insight about the places
Cross Country Participate in the run
Apr Sports Day Participate in the run
Student Leaders’ Investiture As Guests/GOH
Jul Racial Harmony Day Preparation of food and activities for students
Aug Teachers Day Celebration Join in the celebration
E-Learning Day Preparation of food and activities for students.


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Events & A nnouncements

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