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Parenting Workshop for all Parents

Parenting Workshop for all Parents

Topic : Discipline with Love
Date : 28 January 2016 (Thursday)
Time : 7.30pm – 8.30pm
School : Queenstown Secondary School
Speaker : David Seah
Light refreshments will be served before the start of Workshop.


Lifting up our teens with affirmation, blameless love, and connectedness is critical for their health. But like a table, a fourth leg is needed to keep things on equilibrium — the leg of parental guidance and enforced boundaries. If teens are to stay safe and healthy, your love must be balanced by and actively demonstrated through appropriate, loving discipline. Just because your teens are nearing full physical maturation doesn’t mean your days of parental discipline are over. Just the contrary. Teens still disobey, still act untrustworthy, and still display woeful attitudes around the house on occasion. Obviously, the old methods no longer work but good discipline is absolutely necessary and helps teens learn to function in a highly healthy fashion.

About the Speaker

David Seah is a qualified Family Life Educator and Resource Speaker for Fei Yue’s Family Central. He is also an Associate Counselor at Lakeside Family Services (Jurong East Branch) and also at St. Andrew’s Cathedral Home For The Aged. David has conducted many talks and seminars in many private and public organizations, schools and childcare centres. David has a good sense of humor and his ability to engage and motivate his audience in a fun and humorous way has made him a very much sought after speaker.

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