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Girl Guides

Girl Guides


  • Mrs Dass (I/C)
  • Ms Nur Irnyawati Shamsuddin (2IC)
  • Ms Hor Kah Yan
  • Ms Nurhayati
  • Ms Zhong Jing Yi
  • Ms Siti Nur Shahidah


  • Ms Ng Soo Ling


The highlights of the year include the attainment of Puan Noor Aishah Award (Gold) and Baden Powell Award for Han Xin Yun (Asst CL, 13/14), Ashley Chow (CL, 14/15) and Fannie Cheong (PL, 14/15). The unit also won the Wee Kim Wee Challenge (Silver) in the preliminary round and the Final.

More information about the CCA

2014 has been the most eventful year for the Guides. With a current strength of 69 guides, the Unit had opportunities to display the Guides theme of the year – Education opens doors for every girl and the school values – Resilience, Integrity, Service and Excellence. With the Inter-UG campfire ushering in the Sec Ones, the Guides have been busily involved in activities and memorable events throughout the year.

The Guides were also involved in HQ activities such as Jacob Ballas Green Ambassador Badge work, PUB Water Challenge and Gardens by the Bay Badge Work, all of which nurtured the guides’ facilitation skills and raised their awareness on the environmental concerns.

As the Guides strive towards excellence, service as has always been closest to their hearts. The Kindness Crossover Badge organised by the Singapore Kindness Movement and the South Division/ International Coastal Cleanup are just a couple of activities among the many to show their commitment and concern for the society. The Quest Guides Unit’s pursuit to bring out the best in every guide continues.

Training Schedule

Fri : 2.15pm – 6pm

Activity Calendar 2017


Guide’s Room/ 3B2 / Upper Sec Block

HQ/Local Communities etc


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