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  • Ms Ng Kok Hin – OC
  • Ms Jayasolai – 2i/c
  • Mr Chia Teck Seng
  • Mr Chong Wen Chiat, Alfred
  • Ms Liang Xing Fen, Michelle


  • Mr Khoo Gay Min


  • 2013 UOPA – Bronze
  • 2012 UOPA – Silver

More Information on the CCA

For 2013 Unit Overall Proficiency Award (UOPA), the unit had attained the SILVER award, all due to the resilience of our cadets and officers.

Events-wise, the unit had our annual Airsoft training to bolster cadets’ confidence in shooting the .22 revolver for the Secondary 2 and 3 cadets. 14 of our Secondary 2 and 3 cadets went to Hong Kong for the UG Niche trip from 3th to 7th November and the cadets had an enjoyable time there

In 2014, HQ NPCC introduced Unarmed Tactics to the Secondary 2 cadets. Doubtless, the skills learnt would be put to good use in the coming months.


  • .22 Revolver Shoot
  • Footdrills / Baton drills / Rifle drills
  • Campcraft
  • Overseas trips
  • Police Knowledge
  • Service
  • Unit & Area camps

Training Schedule

Every Friday 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.

(unless posted otherwise on unit Noticeboard)

Ad-hoc trainings & activities / HQ courses & visits – disseminated via information forms to parents.

Activity Calendar 2017


Parade Square, CCA block, HQ/ various Police Establishment

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